Production / Facilities / Distribution

Distribution system

  • How to purchase

    • Purchase through contract cultivation of farms and Nonghyup purchase through professional companies of items or dealers
    • purchase through direct dealing with areas of production
  • Warehousing inspection

    • Visual inspection under the quality standard of agricultural products
    • regular request of pesticides residue tests of raw materials
  • Production management

    • Production in the workplace that scientifically manages health harm factors by producing all the products through the processes of being blanched, disinfected, cooled, selected, cleaned, and internally and externally packed after passing through the metal detector
    • regular implementation of hygiene education
  • Release and checking finished products

    • Release of products after checking country of origin, shelf life, labeling, etc. thoroughly
    • after thorough management of freshness including keeping them refrigerated
  • Cold storage and refrigeration distribution system

    • Delivery of finished products by keeping the optimal refrigerated temperature in cold storage
    • refrigerator cars and management of temperature in the cars in real time
  • Delivery of products to the companies that supply agricultural products directly

    • Supply of products to school feeding and institutional food service