“ Namul Love, the reliable beauty of nature, approaches you. ”

"Namul Love" is a company specializing in the production of NAMUL(seasoned vagetable) in Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, South of Korea.

Namul Love was established as the corporation on May 2012. We think of customers like our families under the motto of the company called ‘the clear and right company’ and have supplied fresher and safer food to them thinking that our families eat these products. We have produced the products that can be traced with more hygienic work environment and sanitary facilities by operating all the systems ranging from warehousing of ingredients to production and shipment according to the principle of HACCP after being designated by FDA as the HACCP certification that scientifically manages health harm factors which can be harmful to humans.

The products produced by our company under sanitary environment include vegetables including blanched bracken, blanched wild aster, blanched taro stem, blanched siler clivaricata, blanched cirsium, blanched rape, blanched spergularia marina griseb, blanched shepherd's purse, bamboo shoots, lotus roots, and burdock. We are supplying them to national schools and hospitals, the meal service market of large companies, Nonghyup-styled materials marts, environment-friendly distribution organizations of agricultural products, and the online market. Our sales is 1.97 billion won. And we exported products of about USD 30,000 to U.S. on March 2017.

The products that we try to export are raw vegetables that are in season, in other words, rape, siler divaricate, cirsium, spergularia marina griseb, Japanese angelica shoot, mugwort, and shepherd’s purse to other countries by blanching and freezing them.

We will be Namul Love that always tries to supply fresh and hygienic products to customers.

Lee, Jung-hee, CEO of Agricultural corporation Namul Love